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Protecting healthcare practitioners from corona infection

29 - May - 2020

Chandra Ganjoo, Executive Director and Group CPO, Trivitron Healthcare, shares her insights on the strategies being/need to be implemented by various healthcare organisations to to protect their staff members from contracting the virus. The COVID-19 coronavirus continues to spread around the globe with death count increasing day by day. Governments around the world have urged their citizens to exercise caution, and have been teaching their population about infection evasion methodologies, for example, frequent hand washing and refraining from touching one’s face. However, healthcare workers who are at the frontlines of treating this disease, are at the highest risk of exposure because of the nature of their jobs, and there are things they, as well, can be doing to protect themselves. As healthcare practitioners grapple with the idea of the coronavirus and its spread, best practices are starting to emerge.

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