Radiology deals with radiant energy aiding the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This medical specialty is concerned with radiation for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases using ionizing radiation such as X-Rays and non-ionizing radiation such as Ultrasound. It is further divided into two broad areas - diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology.


Agfa CR10X

An affordable entry into Digital Radiography, without compromising image quality. One that enables you to enjoy all the benefits of proven Agfa HealthCare technologies renown for delivering high image quality, but at a price synonymous with your organization's budgetary constraints. A solution that eases workflow. That has a modular, robust and simple design that means it can withstand harsh environments and temperature changes yet requires minimal intervention – making service and maintenance fast and simple.

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Agfa CR15X

When you go digital, you want a solution that does things your way. A solution that is versatile and flexible that offers high image quality and substantial dose reduction* of up to 60% when used with cesium needle based detectors. One that is compact and fast, and supports a complete range of applications. But that allows you to define your own workflow and adapt it whenever you want, quickly and easily.

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Agfa CR30XM

A compact, single slot, table-top digitizer that handles both digital mammography and general radiography applications at a very high resolution of 50µm pixel pitch. One that meets the high level quality demanded for digital mammography and delivers a solution that facilitates the change from analog to digital in a fast and a cost-efficient way. That is the CR 30-Xm from Agfa HealthCare.

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Agfa DR400

Digital solutions can be affordable and still meet the high-quality standards you need. With our DR 400, we offer a complete, scalable DR solution that cangrow and develop with your facility. A solution that allows you to choose your own digital path at your own pace and that answers the need to deliver higherthroughput with a lower cost per examination, all while providing excellent image quality.That’s the DR 400.

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Agfa DR600

With its high-productivity, innovative features and ZeroForce Technology offering high speed, precision and movement, the fully automated DR 600 streamlines workflow, increases throughput and enhances the experience of patients and operators alike, even in the busiest imaging environment.

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Agfa DR800

In your imaging environment, you have the right to expect more from your equipment  investments and we have designed those needs directly into the DR 800 (2work in progress). The DR 800 offers true versatility, with a robust and reliable solution that can handle both radiography and a full range of fluoroscopy exams. Ranging from static chest exams to arthrograms, cystourethrograms, myelography and catheter placement, the DR 800 offers you all the flexibility you need, bundled in one single solution.

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Agfa Drstar 5503

Supporting every application and multiple modalities, while offering high throughput and high-resolution, the all-in-one DRYSTAR 5503 addresses all of your centralized imagingrequirements. You get the high-value features that make the difference, including Agfa’s A#Sharp-enhanced, award-winning Direct Digital Imaging technology; the flexibility of three multiformatmedia trays; and easy, DICOM-native integration. The Mammography printing option increases the usability possibilities. Plus, with its low maintenance, easy media handling and short access time, your entire hospital or facility can benefit from increased operational efficiency. It’s the central answer to all your departments’ imaging needs.

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Agfa Drystar 5301

This solid-state technology avoids the use of complex optical components, making the imager reliable and durable by design. Moreover, the DRYSTAR 5301 provides all the advantages of dry technology: no wet processing, no darkroom, and no film processing chemicals.

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Agfa Drystar 5302

When you want a day-to-day hardcopy imager that meets all your imaging needs, look no further than the DRYSTAR 5302. Its robust design supports long life and reliable operation, while the two on-line trays and table-top size provide optimal flexibility and usability. It fits where you want it and adapts to your imaging needs, providing the affordable and reliable answer to your CR/DRprinting requirements. Plus, you get the all high-value DRYSTAR family features, including Agfa’s A#Sharp-enhanced, award-winning Direct Digital Imaging technology (DDI); ecological and easy operation and maintenance; and straightforward, DICOMnative integration. DRYSTAR 5302 is the flexible solution to your daily tasks.

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