PACS Solutions

Picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is a medical imaging technology used for storing, retrieving, presenting and sharing images produced by various medical hardware modalities such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI and ultrasound systems. Electronic images and reports are transmitted digitally by PACS which eliminates the need of manual transfer, retrieve and storage of X-ray films.


Enterprise Imaging

Enterprise imaging includes a set of strategies that takes all data (which includes images, waveforms, reports and other patient data) and merges it into one place. This enables the healthcare establishment’s IT professionals to manage the data more efficiently.

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PACS solution supports all medical digital modalities in all departments, throughout the healthcare setup. However, till the time a full-fledged PACS solution has not been integrated, individual clusters of digital imaging may exist. These may take the form of a localized, modality-specific network of a small fragment of modalities, workstations and archives which are directly connected to reading workstations without long term storage management. This is what is termed as Mini PACS.

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