Infectious Disease

This diagnostic test for an infectious agent can be used to demonstrate the presence or absence of the infection. Specimens such as urine, blood, sputum, cerebro-spinal fluid and others are subjected to various tests and the disease-causing bacteria and viruses, known as the infectious agents are quickly identified.


Point of Care Infectious

Trivitron manufactures point of care diagnostic kits for cardiac infection detection of Cardiac and Gastroenterology. This point of care testing involves the performance of a test in the immediate vicinity to a patient to provide rapid results outside the conventional laboratory environment. There are three different aspects to POCT testing; Diagnosis, Monitoring and Screening. However, POCTs can never be the replacement for conventional lab tests but can be a supplement to it.

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Enzymatic Immuno Assays (EIA)

In the current scenario, fully automated instruments in medical laboratories across the world use the immunoassay principle with an enzyme as the reporter label for routine measurements of innumerable analytes in patient samples. Designed to be very sensitive, this Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) is used to detect the presence of a substance, usually an antigen, in a liquid sample or wet sample.

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Molecular diagnostics Infectious Disease

Molecular diagnostic tests detect specific sequences in DNA or RNA that may or may not be associated with disease. These tests play a key role in infectious diseases, oncology, pharmacogenomics, genetic disease screening, human leukocyte antigen typing and coagulation. Following diagnosis, molecular testing can help guide appropriate therapy by identifying specific therapeutic targets. Labsystems offers a unique list of kits and assays for diagnosing and monitoring various diseases.

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