Mobile x ray

X-Ray & C-Arm Solutions help the doctors to view the inside of the body without making any incisions. The basic X-Ray technology introduced in 1896, still serves as a key element in the identification, diagnosis and treatment of several medical conditions. Trivitron delivers both standardized and customized solutions for the healthcare providers across the globe. Trivitron offers a wide range of high precision X-Ray solutions, which includes Surgical C-Arm, X-Ray RAD Room and Mobile X-Rays.


Ultisys 3.5 Mobile X-Ray

Ultisys 3.5 is a comprehensive and versatile Mobile Radiography System from Kiran with easy-to-use, well-proven features for streamlined operation. Ultisys 3.5 provides ease of mobility & faster imaging making it the best solution across all departments with minimal footprint.

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