Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound imaging (sonography) uses high-frequency sound waves to view inside the body. Because ultrasound images are captured in real-time, they can also show movement of the body's internal organs as well as blood flowing through the blood vessels.


Color Doppler Ultrasound

The revolutionary Chison i3 provides you outstanding 2D images and fast 4D volume images, while the streamlined workflow makes your busy practices much easier and efficient.

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Portable BW Doppler Ultrasound

Chison Eco1 Exp is an inexpensive portable ultrasound with better imaging, full image, longer battery life. VET and Human calculations.

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Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound

The new Chison Q5 ultrasound machine is a low-price portable color Doppler ultrasound machine. It is among the more versatile low-cost portable ultrasound machines with full measurement and analysis packages and presets for a wide variety of applications.

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